My Africa Love Applications Process for Casting and Auditions

The Search is on for an eligible American Bachelor and selected Sub-Saharan African women to star in the  2018 Pilot season of the Reality Show My Africa Love. The Search begins with the applications process for Casting and Auditions. The bachelor and bachelorettes selected star in the newest in television shows with the anticipation of distribution in Africa, USA, and international networks such as Itv.

The Casting and Auditions process for a Bachelor will take place in America and the Bachelor will be chosen from a selected group of applicant finalist.

The Casting and Auditions process for selection of the Bacheloretts will take place in Africa in the form of a lottery. Random selections from the Bachelorette applications will provide the judges a group of semi-finalist to interview during casting & auditions. Twenty-four Bachelorettes will be chosen to appear in the 2018 season.

Bachelorette Applicants should click on “Form Request” in the drop-down menu under “Casting” and follow the instructions. Once the request has been completed as instructed, the Bachelorettes will proceed to the “Application Form” and complete and return the form along with the other required documents described.

       Bachelorette Eligibility                        Bachelor Eligibility 
      Bachelorette Application                    Bachelor Application

Amrican_AfricanFlagsMy Africa Love May be Produced in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, and Senegal