Coming to America instills a sense of freedom and liberty and hope for a futureThe video expresses what many feel when Coming to America. The sense of Freedom and Liberty and hope for a future THEY will build is overpowering. For many, the Statue of Liberty, located in New York Harbor, symbolize their feelings more than words can describe. “Coming to America” is more than the title to a comical movie, that stars Eddie Murphy, and more than a song by Neil Diamond. Coming to America is about different groups of people from different cultures coming to America and how they become a part of our national heritage. America is truly a “melting pot” of nationalities, ethnicities,¬† and cultures that form a culture that is American. If the bachelor on the reality show, My African Love, proposed marriage, and that proposal is accepted, they will be “Coming to America”. There, they will continue to build their relationship away from the prying and invasive eyes and ears of the millions of TV viewers who watched them fall in love. With their permission and agreement, My African Love will film their wedding for television as a bonus follow-up episode.

Images Across America

 Images of life and places that experienced when Coming to America!