blogTVImages_1My African Love is a Nigerian Company, and is an independent company that produces television shows; and more specifically, reality shows. The production crews are comprised of experienced film and TV production professionals who also carry post production skills and credentials. These production crew professional, are teamed with creative experienced business professionals with the common goal of producing the reality show Our production crews have decades of experience in producing television shows and have worked with many successful production companies. My African Love, among production companies, is a small scale production company and the Co-Producers have a clear vision of the outcome they are creating. While small in complexity, it is not small in ambition. My African Love is anticipated to be distributed in Africa, the U.S. and the international market, such as Itv. The concept of the show requires it to be highly mobile; so roles must be combined for efficiency and a better return on investment. Also, the concept and initiatives come from the co-producers. They have conceived the program’s idea and will develop its direction through the series of episodes to ensure the vision is achieved while delegating to other capable crew members. In the role of co-producers, they will co-ordinate all elements of production at its highest level. These elements will include the co-ordination of cast and crew; administrative, legal, financial, and budgeting; and schedule issues, as well as being the driving force. With all these issues and tasks to consider, the producers will delegate and pass on responsibility to carefully selected and trusted production team members that will be assembled. They will delegate as many roles as necessary to ensure time to coordinate the production.

There will be no compromise in the selection of the highest qualified professional for this production team.