Other Production Positions

In addition to the key positions of Director and Directory of Photography/ Editor there are other production positions that must be filled.

The DOP will be instrumental in selecting camera operations and other production positionsThe Company will seek to find four (4) of the best persons for this position.  We will collect and view reels to determine our choice.  The Director Of Photography David Morley will be instrumental in selecting camera operations and other production positions, He  may include operators of his choosing as a part of his team. We have budgeted four (4) Camera Operators in addition to the Director of Photography. Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent

he position of Editor is listed her under "other production positions" to further emphasize its importanceEDITOR
The position of Editor is listed her under “other production positions” to further emphasize its importance and to note once again how fortunate we are to have our DOP and as Editor in the person of David N. Morely (see Director Of Photography). He will work alongside the Directors/Producers/Writer to edit the footage that has been shot to create the final vision and outcome of the Producers.
The Company has sought and acquired the services of a highly experienced professional editor. Since the shooting will be in digital format, the editing will be carried out on a computer. The editor’s ability is largely dependent on his proficiency with the software. The Company is pleased to contract with someone who is very proficient and experienced with the equipment and software that will be available to him.

AudioIconAUDIO DIRECTOR (Sound Man)
Among the other production positions, and probably the the most important person on the crew after the Director of Photography, is the “sound Man”. This will be a no compromise position for the production team.Great Video without good audio makes for a poor shoot. We will consider many examples of their work before entering into contract.

Complementing the other production positions the gaffer. GRIP 
Complementing the other production positions the gaffer. A hand and glove position with the DOP. We believe lighting is often overlooked in its importance. Lighting can, and often does, make the difference in a successful shoot. Lighting is the most important element in maximizing the image quality that one is capable of producing with any camera or video format. The beauty of making films lies in the ability of an artist to tell stories through a visual medium. Video lighting plays a key role in the storytelling process. One of the best ways to enhance the impact of video images is through the creative use of lighting. Good lighting can make the least expensive video camera shine, while poor lighting can make the most expensive professional video camera look inferior. In more subtle ways, lighting can have a tremendous impact on how the viewer perceives a video. Through creative lighting, the lighting director can establish a mood or the time of day, enhance the illusion of three-dimensionality, reveal or obscure visual information, and create an artificial reality. A big budget and lots of expensive lighting equipment are not necessary to do creative lighting. There are lots of inexpensive tools and simple tricks that you can be used to enhance lighting quality. What is necessary is someone that is knowledgeable and experienced in how to use lighting creatively. There will be no compromise when filling this position.LED lighting and other state-of-the-art equipment will help ensure the highest level of production. Having a gaffer solely in charge of the lighting will leave the Directory of Photography and Camera Assistant to concentrate on their responsibilities.
Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent

The opening titles displayed at the beginning of the program can set the tone of the programs to come. As such, a producer will communicate to an opening titles designer a brief of what they may like the titles to convey. The titles designer may be give a lot of freedom to design and conceive an idea. The title design should often be designed with the opening titles music in mind.  This position will also be responsible for creating all in show graphics such as but not limited to title and transitions, as well as a show open, close and any bumpers needed for coming in and out of commercial breaks.
Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent.

The female contestants will be responsible for their own hair maintenance and make-up. We will have a make-up artist on staff for touch up before and between shoots.  No Attachment

Having a Production Assistant  to help the Directory of Photography will be a huge plus in keeping him from becoming distracted and keeping the day moving successfully. The Production Assistant can also assist the Directory of Photography and Grip with the lights. The Company will have two crews so there will be three 3 Production Assistants.  Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent

It has been said that the mark or genius is to know where to find answers. The Producers have a network of industry professionals that may serve as mentors, advisers, and consultants to answer questions or just someone to bounce idea off. The Company may seek additional assistants and consultants for staff or crew positions if it is found they will be beneficial.  Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent.

A Publicist will be given the task of raising awareness of the production of My African Love’s airing to increase the viewership, and sales. This may be done via various mediums of promotion Including TV and radio advertising, social media, blog sites, press releases, media interviews, events, cast parties, memorabilia, published articles and further alternate means of marketing. Attachment confirmed by Letter of Intent.