A North Carolina Limited Liability Company

One of the Producers of My African Love One of the Producers of My African LoveThe Producers of My  African Love is Dream Path Productions, LLC which Is a film production company located in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The Chief Executive Officer and creator of the reality show, “My African Love” is Toriseju (Victor) Ogunjimi, an American citizen of Nigerian descent. His production, filmaking and directing skills, along with the talents of writer/producer, David Ward Jones of Raleigh NC, will provide TV viewers a uniquely different reality show. A show that promised fun-filled, adventurous and exciting seasons of TV entertainment in Africa, the U.S. and the international market such as Itv..

The producers of My African Love, have formed a Nigerian filming production company. It will be an independent reality show production company that is comprised of experienced production professionals. These professionals will be coupled with creative, experienced business professionals all with the common goal of producing the reality show My African Love. Toriseju Ogunjimi and David Ward Jones are also partners in the U.S based production company DREAM PATH PRODUCTIONS, LLC. The My Africa Love reality show is a small scale production company and the Producers have a clear vision of the outcome they are creating. The concept of the show requires it to be highly mobile; so roles must be combined for efficiency and a better return on investment. Also, the concept and initiatives come from these two individuals. They have conceived the program’s idea and will develop its direction. through the series of episodes to ensure the vision is achieved.  In the role of Producers, they will co-ordinate all elements of production at its highest level. These elements will include the co-ordination of cast and crew; administrative, legal, financial, and budgeting. They will also co-ordinate all schedule issues, as well as being the driving force to produce the best among television shows. With all these issues and tasks to consider, the Producers will delegate and pass on responsibility to carefully selected and trusted production team members that will be assembled. They will delegate as many roles as necessary to ensure time to coordinate the production.

Toriseju Ogunjimi, and David Ward Jones, as the creators of My African Love, have a clear and realistic vision of what it will take to achieve their goals and ambitions. That foal is  to become the lead reality show in Africa and competitive internationally. They have the experience, expertise and the networks to make it happen.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to provide a means of informing Fans, and other interests, about events surrounding this top series. The producers of this reality show introduces to a TV audience and TV networks a unique concept. That concept follows an American-born bachelor of African descent on a duel quest to explore the roots of his ancestry while searching for true love and a bride. As the bachelor explores his roots in the African culture, he opens doors to a world that is uniquely exotic Africa. It is a world that still carries much mystery and is still thought of by some to be the “Dark Continent” due to decades, or centuries, of misinformation.  It is the goal of the producers through the reality show My African Love to provide entertainment for TV audiences across Africa, with anticipated international syndication. the purpose is to tell the universal story of a quest for true love, and while doing so, explore the exciting and uniquely different, aboriginal and contemporary cultures and places of Africa.

The associated Blog will be very active with articles posted several times weekly and with lots of feedback commentary, The producers will  give progress updates during the selection process of both the bachelor and bachelorette contestants. They will provide commentary on the episodes,  and soliciting comments from , and dialog with, the readers. Post will include articles about the concept and premise of the reality show, filming locations, culture, traditions and customs, dating rituals, places in Africa and about anything else you want to discuss that is related to the Show.