MyAfricaLoveRoseLogoFINAL600You are invited to a BACHELOR PARTY !

No, it’s not just another bachelor party; although we’re pretty sure there will be close encounters involved. We’re talking about My African Love the reality show that promises to be the best TV series you will view in 2017 and your favorite way of following one special black American bachelor during his incredible journey on the universal quest to fall in love. With 24 beautiful women and one sexy, single guy,  all looking for that special someone, the road to true love can be very steamy and , and often filled with surprises.

Here’s how it works:
My African Love is a dating style reality show with 13 episodes. The story follows an American-born bachelor, of African descent, on a duel quest to Africa. There, on African television, he will interact with members of the community to explore the culture and traditions of his ancestry while interacting with twenty-four selected African bachelorettes. These romantic interest offer the universal hope of finding true love and a bride on a reality show. The bachelor and bachelorettes will travel to locations in selected countries of West Africa where they will be filmed in structured activities building relationships and interacting romantically. The production locations will provide exotic filming backgrounds and diverse cultural variety for dating activities. The bachelor reflects on his roots, interacts with diverse cultures, and searches for a personal truth while deciding if a native African woman, closer to the roots of his past, will make the right bride for him. My African Love, presents a unique reality show with the introduction and display of Africa’s beauty, diversity and culture, not only as a backdrop, but woven into the entertainment fabric of the show of a bachelor searching for My Africa Love (which may have a double meaning). This filming approach is intended to reveal the “real”, modern Africa and its cultural foundation. We believe it will attract broader Fan appeal; garner community support; contribute to sustainability, and appeal to American and International TV networks, such as Itv, for syndication.

One lucky gentleman is introduced to 24 lovely ladies. In this reality show, our beloved bachelor gets to spend quality time with each and every woman he meets; sometimes as groups of various sizes; sometimes one-on-one. There are times when the bachelor must take out two women or three women at once. It’s a whole new spin on “double dating” and a “threesome”. Are you wanting to get intimate and get a chance to steal his heart, ladies?  Well, its wait your turn – but maybe not. When a woman is asked to “wait her turn” in affairs of the heart, impatience dictates more than a few “twists and turns” on the show. There may be a time when the women are allowed to vote off one of their opponents just to discover that the one who got the most votes to leave was rewarded by the bachelor with a pass at the elimination ceremony!

But the real fun comes when after the women “size each other up” and the competition heats up and everyone’s true feelings start to emerge. The more time the bachelor spends with the women, the more he discovers their true nature. Of course, there’s always a chance he won’t see what we see, if he’s blinded by love…lust, or infatuation!

The bachelor will have many decisions to make as these women will do whatever it takes to make an impression and gain his affection. A secret (or not-so-secret) rendezvous with one or more of the women can include anything from couples massage and bubble baths to helicopter rides and ski boat rides.

As the season progresses, we take road trips as our bachelor visits the families, aka, meets the parents, of a few of the of which he has developed strong feelings. He’ll also take overnight trips with a few different companions. And which two women will our bachelor introduce to his family?

This is an elimination competition. At the end of each episode, The Host presents to the bachelor a lacquer  finished ebony box with the Nigerian symbols of the “power of love” inset in the lid. The box is place on a table and is surrounded by bird of paradise flowers. The bird of paradise flower represents exciting anticipation and and deep appreciation. This is the way the bachelor sees his relationship until he present the final red rose. The box is opened and reveals 25 gold keys; each displays a gold framed heart on the top with the name of a bachelorette on each key. Each key represents the “Key to the Bachelor’s Heart”. The bachelor reflects on who he can still see as a possible soul mate. Anyone who receives a Key can stay to date another day. Those who come up empty-handed must head home alone immediately. The moment that each Key is presented is one of joy, relief and anguish, as only the bachelor can decide who gets at least one more chance at romance. But does he make the right choice? That’s something we, as fans, debate each and every time!

Who will steam up the hot tub with the bachelor this season? From which exotic location will he profess his true love? Will there be a proposal once the final rose is gone? And if so, will that proposal be accepted? We have no idea. But we can’t wait to find out! Please join us for the drama, excitement and suspense. This reality show series promises to be among  the best television shows of the season and beyond..

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